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Equine and Animal Feed

Leicester Agway carries Nutrena® brand horse and animal feeds.

  • SafeChoice® - A safe-energy formula scientifically balanced for horses in all life stages—carefully designed for simplified feeding and an extra margin of safety.

  • Empower® - A revolutionary new nutritional supplement for horses engineered with patented technology for superior performance and condition.

  • Legacy® - This super-premium, high fat, controlled starch formula for horses enhances performance with a unique blend of steam-flaked grains and beet pulp.

  • Life Design® - Premium pelleted horse feeds designed to match the changing nutritional requirements of horses throughout their lives.

  • LiteBalance® - A unique controlled-calorie formula, specially designed for overweight horses, easy keepers and horses on all-forage diets.

  • Triumph® - Horse feeds that deliver true value in equine nutrition, made possible by a combination of select feed ingredients and generations of industry experience.

  • Vitality® - Premium textured horse feeds formulated with additional nutrients horses need for higher levels of competition and activity.

  • XTN® - High-performance horse feed maximizes power and stamina while minimizing the negative effects of stress from rigorous training and competition.

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